1. Who should I contact if I have a concern or query?

    Please contact the Senior Tutor for Year 7 (Mr Lovelady) or Assistant Senior Tutor (Mrs Clutton) if you have a concern or query regarding your child.  You can do this by telephoning the school on 0161 912 5912 or sending a letter, 通过您孩子的班主任.  You can also email Mr Lovelady using the school’s email address admin@aggs.光明前景.co.uk.  Your child’s Senior Tutor will remain your first point of contact throughout her time at the school and will field all enquiries, 既有牧歌的,也有特定主题的.

  2. What do I do if my child is unable to attend school due to illness?

    父母 are asked to telephone the school on 0161 912 5912 on the first 早.... of a pupil’s absence (you will need to telephone the absence line each day your child is absent from school).  On the day of your child’s return to school you are required to send a letter to her Form Tutor explaining in full the reason for her absence.  Pupils are expected to catch up with work missed due to absence when they return to school.  In the event of prolonged absence due to illness, please contact the Senior Tutor.

  3. What happens if my child feels unwell during the school day?

    If your child feels unwell during the school day, we ask that she tells a member of staff in the first instance, 而不是自己打电话回家.  If she feels unable to continue in lessons we have a medical room in school in which she can have a lie down.  如果很明显她需要回家, you will receive a telephone call from the Pastoral Assistant.

  4. What is the procedure for other forms of absence?

    If you wish to take your child out of school for any other reason, you will need to fill in a special form available at reception.  This can be handed in 通过您孩子的班主任.  百老汇官网要求 you make such requests six weeks in advance, where possible.  Authorisation is at the discretion of the Principal.

  5. What should my child do if she arrives late to school or has to leave early?

    If your child arrives late for school or has to leave early she must sign in or out at Reception.  Please try to ensure that she arrives on time for school each 早.....  She will not be permitted to leave the premises before the end of the school day without written notification from you.

  6. 家长之夜是什么时候?

    You are invited to a parents’ evening for Year 7 parents early in the Autumn term. This event provides the opportunity to meet other parents, your child’s Form Tutor and Senior Tutor and a member of the Senior Management Team.   There will be a talk followed by the opportunity to ask questions.

    There is one parents’ evening a year for each year group, 通常在春季学期举行, for parents to discuss their child’s progress in each subject with her teachers.  These subject-specific parents’ evenings are from 4.30-6.30 pm.  Your child will be issued with an appointment sheet by her Form Tutor approximately 2 weeks before the event and instructed to make appointments for you with her teachers between these times.  百老汇官网要求, 每年就这一次, you attend as early as you can so that you might have time to see as many teachers as possible.

    Pupils in Year 7 are invited to parents’ evenings. Dates are available on the 学校的日历 from September of each academic year.

  7. 我想开车送孩子上学. 我可以在哪里停车??

    Unfortunately parking is extremely limited in and around the school site.  百老汇官网要求 you do not pick up or drop off your child in the immediate vicinity of the school as 卡文迪什路 and the surrounding area can become extremely busy and is a safety concern for pupils, especially at the beginning and end of the school day.  而不是, please arrange to meet your child at the Bowdon Rooms Car Park on The Firs, 肉桂俱乐部的隔壁.  If at all possible, we recommend that your child walks to school or uses public transport.

  8. 学校的日制是怎样的?

    主学校8点开学.30 am from which time pupil are admitted on the premises and have access to their lockers. (If children arrive before this time they should go to the Dining Hall as this is the only place in school where the children will be supervised)

    8点开始登记.40 am.  This is followed by 25 minutes with the Form Tutor, except for twice a week when there is an assembly of the whole year group.  上课时间如下.

    第一课9.05 – 10.05 am

    第二课10.05-11.05 am

    第三课11.25-12.25 pm

    Afternoon registration (with Lesson Four subject teacher) 1.25 pm

    第四课1.30 – 2.30 pm.

    第五课2.30 – 3.30 pm.

    There is a 20 minute break for recreation in the 早.... and a 60 minute lunch break.

    主学校3点放学.40 pm.

  9. What provision is there for pupils to arrive early and stay after 3.30pm?

    Pupils have access to Breakfast Club in the Dining Room from 8am.  They may attend 百老汇官网work Club in the School 图书馆 until 5pm.  There are also several extra-curricular activities which run after school (a full list is in the front of the 百老汇官网work Diary).

  10. How does my child get involved in extra-curricular activities?

    A flavour of the wide and varied range of extra-curricular activities on offer at AGGS is published each year in the 百老汇官网work Diary.  (This is issued by form tutors on the first day of the school year.)  Notices will be given out at registration or in assemblies with more details as clubs and activities commence after the start of term.  也有告示板,e.g. 对于体育和音乐, which display up-to-date details of practices and rehearsals, as well as announcements in the school’s weekly bulletin.   If there is a particular club or activity your child is interested in joining or starting she should talk to her Form Tutor, 或者是相关学科的老师.

  11. 学校的伙食是怎么安排的?

    Your child may bring a packed lunch to school or purchase a hot or cold meal in the Dining Room.  We operate a cashless dining system to pay for school meals. Year 7 pupils will register for the system on Induction Day in July, 或者在九月开学的第一天.  Pupil accounts can be topped up with cash by the pupils themselves on the day they are required, 或通过ParentPay在线系统支付.

  12. 10天的周期是什么?

    学校的课程表长达10天. The first week of the school year is Days 1 to 5; the second week is Days 6 to 10 and the cycle repeats itself until the end of the academic year.  If you are or your child are ever in any doubt as to what “day” it is, 请参阅作业日记.  It is worth noting that the first day back after a break is not always Day 1, rather the timetable runs on from where it left off.

  13. 我如何帮助我的孩子变得有条理?

    Routine and regular use of the 百老汇官网work Diary are essential.  作为一个家长, you are asked to help you child to get used to referring to the diary every night to complete homework and pack her bag for the next day.  父母 should regularly check their child’s diary to ensure it is being used correctly.  Teachers and parents can also use it as a tool for communication, e.g. 如果作业没有按时交上来. If the homework diary is lost it will have to be replaced and is available to purchase from Reception.

  14. Is there somewhere in school she can store her books, PE kit etc?

    Lockers are issued by form tutors at the start of each academic year.  Pupils are usually provided with a small locker for books and a larger locker for PE kit shared with another pupil in the form.  They are located as near to the form rooms as possible.  We strongly recommend that pupils use sturdy, non-combination padlocks, i.e. 可以用钥匙上锁的挂锁.  如果你的孩子丢了储物柜的钥匙, she may ask for a caretaker to cut the lock off so that she may access her books inside. Access to the lockers is in the 早.... before registration, at Rec and at lunch time. Students should not access their lockers between lessons.

  15. 她要是弄丢了体育用品怎么办?

    The lost property room is located next to the Main Office, just off the hall. Lost items, if they are named and handed to lost property will be held there for half a term. Students will be emailed (and the parent cc’d) asking them to come and collect the item as soon as possible. Students are advised to check their school email regularly as the school site is very large and lost items sometimes take several weeks to surface. Please ensure that everything your child brings to school is named and that she refrains from bringing unnecessary expensive or personal items. If your child has lost an essential item of clothing or PE kit, there is a “borrow” box in the corridor (near the Main Office) where students can borrow them from this box (there are a mix of sizes) as long as they make sure to return it.

  16. 她可以带手机到学校吗?

    You may wish to send your child to school with a mobile phone, especially if she travels here independently or attends after school clubs.  Mobile phones and MP3 players are permitted in school, but we do have very strict guidelines to ensure that their use does not disrupt learning.  Your child must make sure that her mobile phone is switched off (not just on silent) during all formal sessions, i.e. 早.... & afternoon registration, form time, assembly, all lessons and between lessons 1 & 2和4 & 5.  In other words she may have it on before school, 在娱乐、午餐和放学后, as long as she remembers to switch it off before going into the classroom.  如果她在其他任何时候被发现戴着它, it will be confiscated for seven days including weekends.

  17. How do I keep up-to-date with school news and events?

    There is a weekly bulletin to parents posted on the school’s website. 信宣布事件, trips and other information are sent home with pupils via their form tutors.  Copies of letters that have been sent out recently are available on the school website, 还有新闻特写, 照片及其他文件.  父母 are asked to provide school with their email addresses so that they may receive the Bulletin and other documents electronically, 通过父母的邮件.  On the rare occasion of extreme weather conditions, school closures are broadcast on local radio and frequent updates are published on the school website.